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Declaring “we are at war,” President Emmanuel Macron of France prohibited public gatherings of any size, postponed municipal elections and told people to stay in their homes except for essential needs.order, which goes into effect on Tuesday, is one of the most stringent anywhere in Europe. Officials said that going out for a walk to get some fresh our would be allowed, but meeting a friend on a street or in a park would be punishable with a fine. Castaner, the interior minister, said anyone on a public outing would need to carry a document justifying it, even if only a sworn statement written by that person. He said that 100,000 law enforcement officers would be deployed to enforce the order. Olivier Véran, France’s health minister, said that the government was asking each French person to limit human contact to a maximum of five people a day. France, with more than 6,600 coronavirus cases and 148 deaths by Monday, had already ordered all “non-indispensable” businesses closed.“We will be able to end the confinement,” Mr. Véran said in a post on Twitter. “But without confinement, we will not be able to end the epidemic.”Spain, with almost 10,000 cases and more than 300 deaths by Monday, also ordered residents to mostly stay at home, though it is still allowing most people to go to work and has not announced any punitive measures. Schools, restaurants, and bars were ordered to close.

The pace of new coronavirus infections reported in Europe accelerates daily — roughly 6,000 on Thursday, 7,000 on Friday, 8,000 on Saturday, 9,000 on Sunday and 10,000 on Monday, bringing the total to about 62,000. France and Spain warned that their health care systems could be overwhelmed. And in Italy, still the hardest-hit country in Europe and the first to impose nationwide restrictions on movement, the government announced $28 billion in emergency aid to individuals, businesses and the health care system to stave off chaos and financial ruin. Phoenix distribution Italy had almost 28,000 infections and more than 1,800 deaths as of Monday. The government’s aid package delays mortgage, loan and tax payments, and offers extended parental leave, sick leave for people in quarantine, babysitting vouchers, and grants for self-employed and seasonal workers. “We never considered fighting a flood with buckets,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. “We are trying to build a dam to protect businesses, families, and workers.”VIRUS IN EUROPEEuropeans are erecting borders against the coronavirus, but the enemy is already within.

Phoenix In Coronavirus 

Voters cast early ballots at the Montgomery County Board of Elections in Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.Credit...Kyle Grillot for The New York Times governor on Monday night said he and top state health officials would ignore a court ruling and postpone Ohio’s presidential primary by declaring a public health emergency because of the Coronavirus In Phoenix outbreak. The governor, Mike DeWine, said that the state’s health director, Dr. Amy Acton, had issued the order based on concerns that the coronavirus outbreak placed both voters and poll workers in potential danger. His announcement came just hours after Judge Richard A. Frye of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas rejected the state’s request to push back voting to June 2. Ohio was one of four states scheduled to vote on Tuesday. The other three — Arizona, Illinois, and Florida — said that they planned to proceed with their elections while taking additional health precautions.

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