Changes Are Brewing at Tempe Farmers Market

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When Tempe Farmers Market debuted astatine the country of University Drive and Farmer Street successful 2009, the presumption crossed the thoroughfare was of an bare ungraded lot. Now, Whole Foods and caller luxury apartments operation implicit the one-story gathering it occupies. But the tiny marketplace inactive proudly stands.

More of a convenience store than a accepted farmers market, Tempe Farmers Market sells locally made groceries — bread, tortillas, peanut butter, brownies, kombucha, honey, java beans — successful summation to farm-fresh produce. You tin drawback a java oregon a beverage oregon an integrated smoothie, and there's a small vegan deli inside.

Lately, though, the concern has been expanding successful a fewer directions. Since February, owners Stacey and Daryle Dutton person been hosting section artists and vintage vendors extracurricular their marketplace each Saturday evening. The 2 started the outdoor marketplace successful February aft seeing a request for a assemblage gathering spot aft each the societal distancing of the past year. They besides wanted to make a spot wherever artists who suffered financially during the pandemic could commencement earning wealth again.

They telephone it Tempe Farmers Market Saturdays After Dark.

“People are excited and grateful to person thing to bash that's extracurricular and different,” Stacey says. “There's decidedly been a existent hunger for radical to get out, especially, you know, feeling similar you've been wrong the full year.”

The evening marketplace starts aft the prima sets connected Saturday and closes astir 11 p.m. oregon midnight. You'll typically find 8 to 10 vendors hawking their goods — beryllium it vintage furniture, clothing, artwork, oregon jewelry — under golden drawstring lights that bent implicit the space. There's music, mingling, kids pitter-pattering successful the background. Visitors tin snag $3 beers, $7 cocktails, and nutrient portion perusing the stands.

Among the artists showing connected a caller Saturday was Patricia “Patty” Pino. Originally from Long Beach, California, Pino present lives successful Tempe and works successful a assortment of creation mediums. She makes cardboard cutouts and paints connected canvas oregon slabs of drywall. She gravitates toward drafting noses and missing teeth due to the fact that she likes “people’s imperfections.” (Her creation sanction is “Bananas n Cucumbers.”)

Another vendor, Nicholas Liberatore II, lights up the marketplace with vintage lamps, “swag lights” and different treasures, including art, clothing, chairs, kitchenware, and architectural salvage.

He earned his bachelor’s grade successful interior plan from Arizona State University, but his passionateness for selling vintage started with a sticker postulation from his childhood, which was mostly made up of BMX stickers from his years professionally racing. Once helium retired from the manufacture astatine 27, helium began selling his aged sticker collection, BMX parts, and BMX uniforms online. From determination helium utilized his education to hunt down vintage furnishings and pieces with a mid-century modern bent to them.

“If it’s chill and it catches my eye, past I volition merchantability it,” says Liberatore, who has spent the past 12 years uncovering and selling items online. “I tin spot a happening a mile distant [and know] that it's thing that's precocious design."

Along with Tempe Farmers Market co-owner Daryle Dutton, Liberatore intends to unfastened a vintage storefront conscionable down the street, astatine 511 W. University Drive. Dutton says the vintage store volition supply a assemblage abstraction for section artists to merchantability their enactment successful the area.

Local creator  Patricia "Patty" Pino creates faces connected  cardboard cutouts and canvasses.EXPAND

Local creator Patricia "Patty" Pino creates faces connected cardboard cutouts and canvasses.

Helena Wegner

Tempe Farmers Market besides plans to reopen its speakeasy bar, Stacey says. The Dark Side, arsenic it's known, is located connected the eastbound broadside of the marketplace and has a abstracted entrance.

Prior to the pandemic, the barroom served trade cocktails, beer, and mocktails, and section musicians played connected the weekends. There were jazz nights connected Fridays, antithetic section bands connected Saturdays, and an unfastened mic connected Sundays.

The Duttons curbed work during the pandemic, but the program is to unfastened The Dark Side up again this fall, Stacey says.

Tempe Farmers Market
805 South Farmer Avenue, 480-557-9970
Open regular 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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