Harvard Extends Test-Optional Admissions Policy for Four Years

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U.S.|Harvard Extends Test-Optional Admissions Policy for Four Years


The assemblage joins galore others that person eliminated the ACT and SAT requirements, adding substance to the question to get escaped of standardized trial scores.

Harvard’s test-optional admissions argumentation  volition  widen  to the adjacent  4  classes of incoming students, done  the Class of 2030.
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Anemona Hartocollis

Dec. 16, 2021Updated 9:30 p.m. ET

Harvard volition not necessitate SAT oregon ACT scores for admittance done the adjacent 4 years, extending a argumentation adopted during the coronavirus pandemic and adding fuel to the question to permanently destruct standardized trial scores for admittance to adjacent the nation’s astir selective schools.

Harvard attributed the move, announced connected Thursday evening, to the pandemic, which has made it hard for students to get entree to investigating sites.

But the determination has beardown symbolic value, arsenic it telegraphs that Harvard believes it tin wade done thousands of applications and admit students without the assistance of standardized trial scores. It besides signals that the assemblage — and possibly the federation — is 1 measurement person to abolishing trial scores from the admissions process altogether.

“Students who bash not taxable standardized trial scores volition not beryllium disadvantaged successful their exertion process,” William Fitzsimmons, the dean of admissions and fiscal aid, said successful a statement. He encouraged students to taxable “whatever materials they judge would convey their accomplishments successful secondary schoolhouse and their committedness for the future.”

Standardized trial scores person been a rite of transition for generations of precocious schoolhouse students, and a bane of their existence. Supporters accidental that they supply a azygous mode of evaluating students from antithetic schools and antithetic parts of the country.

But critics person agelong argued that they are racially and culturally biased and bash not bespeak the existent quality of galore students, but alternatively their quality to wage for tutoring. An full manufacture of trial mentation companies present coaches students done the tests, charging hefty fees.

Harvard’s usage of trial scores has besides been portion of a suit accusing it of discriminating against Asian American applicants by holding them to a higher modular than different prospective students. The suit said that arsenic a group, Asian American applicants scored higher than others connected measures similar standardized tests but were penalized by a subjective “personal” rating.

A national court and an appeals court person upheld Harvard’s admissions process, uncovering that it was not discriminatory, and the Supreme Court is present considering whether to perceive the case.

The existent admissions rhythm is the 2nd for which students person been capable to use to Harvard without standardized trial scores. The caller argumentation would widen that to the adjacent 4 classes, done the classes of 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030, beyond the foreseeable boundaries of the pandemic.

Bob Schaeffer, caput of FairTest, an anti-testing group, said that Harvard’s prestige and outsize power made the determination much significant, and that it could beryllium a harbinger of a aboriginal successful which standardized tests would play a overmuch smaller relation successful assemblage admissions, oregon adjacent nary relation astatine all.

“This proves that test-optional is the caller mean successful assemblage admissions,” Mr. Schaeffer said. “Highly selective schools person shown that they tin bash just and close admissions without trial scores.”

The percent of schools that bash not necessitate trial scores has risen from astir 45 percent earlier the pandemic to astir 80 percent now, according to FairTest, oregon 1,815 of the 2,330 schools counted by the organization.

Students flooded the astir competitory colleges with a grounds fig of applications for the people of 2025, forcing the 8 Ivy League schools to hold the day they announced their enrollment decisions. The surge was attributed successful portion to the galore schools that had made trial scores optional.

Harvard is hardly alone, and different large institutions person gone adjacent further.

The University of California system made a last determination successful November — aft respective years of statement — to extremity the usage of standardized testing. The system, influential due to the fact that of its immense size and prestigious campuses, including successful Berkeley and Los Angeles, had been searching for an alternate exam, but yet decided that precocious schoolhouse grades were a amended mode to measure students.

The University of Chicago went test-optional successful 2018, earlier the pandemic, and has reported the admittance of a much divers people without a standardized investigating requirement.

A immense bulk of schools that are not requiring investigating are “test-optional” alternatively than “test-blind,” meaning that if students take to taxable a trial score, the schoolhouse volition look astatine it. Test scores are besides often utilized successful determining assistance awards.

The investigating announcement came arsenic Harvard College said it had accepted 740 students to the people of 2026 from a excavation of 9,406 who applied nether its early-action program. The pupil newspaper, The Crimson, reported that the complaint of 7.9 percent was the second-most-competitive aboriginal admissions complaint successful Harvard’s history. Regular admissions volition instrumentality spot successful the spring.

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