Man Arrested in Killing of Georgia Golf Pro and Two Others

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U.S.|Man Arrested successful Killing of Georgia Golf Pro and Two Others

The killings, discovered astatine Pinetree Country Club adjacent Kennesaw, Ga., stunned the community.

A motortruck  connected  the Pinetree Country Club play  people   aft  a shooting that near  the club’s play  pro dead. The truck’s furniture  contained the bodies of 2  different   men who had been shot, the constabulary  said.

July 8, 2021

The authorities successful Georgia said connected Thursday that they had arrested a antheral who had fatally changeable 3 men — a play pro and 2 men whose bodies were recovered successful the backmost of a pickup motortruck astatine a suburban Atlanta state nine connected Saturday.

The suspect, Bryan Anthony Rhoden, was arrested astatine astir 5:30 p.m. connected Thursday successful Chamblee, Ga., according to the authorities. He was charged with 3 counts of murder, 3 counts of aggravated battle and 2 counts of kidnapping, Chief Tim Cox of the Cobb County Police Department said.

Chief Cox said that Mr. Rhoden had fatally changeable the play pro, Gene Siller, 46, a begetter of 2 young sons who was the manager of play astatine Pinetree Country Club adjacent Kennesaw, Ga., arsenic good arsenic Henry Valdez, 46, of California, and Paul Pierson, 76.

At astir 2 p.m. connected Saturday, the authorities said, Mr. Siller was walking toward the 10th spread astatine Pinetree erstwhile helium saw a achromatic Ram 3500 pickup motortruck connected the course. The gunman changeable Mr. Siller successful the caput and fled, leaving the motortruck connected the course, the authorities said.

When investigators arrived, they recovered the bodies of Mr. Pierson and Mr. Valdez successful the furniture of the truck. Both had been fatally shot, the authorities said, noting that the 2 men had “no narration to the determination astatine all.” Mr. Pierson was the registered proprietor of the truck.

Chief Cox announced the apprehension astatine a quality league connected Thursday nighttime during which helium declined to picture the events that had led up the shooting oregon a imaginable motive, saying the probe was continuing.

The authorities did not supply Mr. Rhoden’s property oregon hometown. Chief Cox said Mr. Rhoden had “ties to the metro Atlanta area.”

Chief Cox declined to accidental however Mr. Rhoden had go a fishy oregon whether helium had a transgression record, but said his sanction had surfaced “within a fewer days” of the shooting. He described Mr. Rhoden arsenic the “lone shooter.”

On Tuesday, the constabulary said that Mr. Siller was not the gunman’s target but had been killed due to the fact that helium had “witnessed an progressive transgression taking place.”

“We decidedly consciousness assured determination was nary narration betwixt the shooter and Mr. Siller,” Chief Cox said astatine the quality league connected Thursday.

A GoFundMe leafage that was started connected behalf of Mr. Siller’s household had raised much than $656,000 by Thursday.

Earlier this week, Derek Easterling, the politician of Kennesaw, said that portion the shooting had taken spot conscionable extracurricular his city’s limits, the assemblage was inactive “grieving for each of the victims.” Mr. Easterling described the vicinity adjacent the state nine arsenic quiet. The play people is surrounded by rambling suburban homes connected wooded lots.

On Thursday night, Mr. Easterling said helium was thankful that the constabulary had made an apprehension successful the killings.

“It is simply a relief, but there’s inactive immoderate questions to beryllium answered and a fewer pieces to necktie up,” helium said. “There has to beryllium a motive.”

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